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In Capricorn we find one of the strongest and most enduring of all the signs. Capricorns are able to overcome insurmountable odds and climb higher than their cosmic mates. This comes from their symbol, the goat. The easy, gentle plains aren’t for the mountain goat, with grazing on life’s pastures all too boring and mundane. They want to be up on the craggy heights, facing danger and pushing themselves to the limit, in order to find that piece of foliage, hanging from a crevice. Why do they do it? The same reason a Capricorn does, because they love to push themselves to the limit and look down from the summits and peaks they’ve conquered.

Because of this Capricorns are always very successful in life and it’s this quality that has given Capricorn rulership of the career and professional sector in all our charts. In order to be successful in life, we all have to try and be what comes naturally to a Capricorn.If you look closely at the symbol for a Capricorn, it looks like a V with a tail. Capricorn’s real effigy isn’t the mountain goat, though he is part mountain goat, it is the ‘sea goat’, with the head of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish.So, while Capricorns are able to climb life’s mountain peaks and succeed, they’re also able to plumb the emotional oceans of life and one of the least known qualities about a Capricorn, is how spiritually in tune they are. Many Capricorns have an inexplicable 6th sense that comes from this aspect of their nature.

Capricorn is a very complex and contradictory sign and this comes from it being part goat, part fish. The Goat Fish is a very mythical symbol and over the years has been known as such things as the ‘god of wisdom’.Capricorns are known for their wisdom, common sense, ethics and principles and while this comes mostly from their ruling body, Saturn, it also comes from a deep sense of knowledge and understanding.Whether it’s world events, business or personal matters, Capricorns not only like to get involved, but they like to take a dominant role. Some may see this as controlling, but Capricorns have very firm ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong and the strength and determination to stand behind those convictions. Because of this Capricorns have always been regarded as leaders and often assume a leadership role.

Yet despite all that authority, confidence and worldliness, they are very human and spiritual beings, very much in touch with their own psyche. Again, this is because they are part goat, part fish. It’s the goat aspect we most associate with Capricorn, with their courage, high aspiration and surefootedness, allowing them to survive anywhere. Capricorns are true survivors. Their true gift is being able to play ‘possum’. When the going gets tough, they become so still and so focused, that danger passes right by without noticing them.Capricorn is one of the most powerful signs, often very rigid, but with a lot of patience and strength. Capricorns are so patient because they understand the cycle of time and that everything has its season and you can’t rush that.

Capricorns know that there are boundaries that you don’t cross and that just as nature does, they must bow to life’s cycles. As an Earth sign, Capricorns are practical and have a great sense of truth and reality. They can see things for what they are and rather than try and change them, are experts at how to work with them.Capricorns are smart, but as a practical Earth sign, accomplishes by actions, not words. The gift that Capricorns posses, is an awareness that as one thing ends, something else begins and that they are very aware of the natural laws of the universe and they use them to their advantage.

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