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With its symbol ‘the Archer’, Sagittarians are always focused on some far off horizon. They’re aiming their arrow at targets the rest of us can’t even see or imagine. This is the sign that travels, explores and brings back tales for the rest of us to enjoy. Of all the signs, this is the most generous, expansive and daring.These are no lightweights though, for deep within the heart of every Sagittarian, you’ll find a philosopher and seeker, always trying to find out a new truth or the answer to a new question.

This is thanks to Chiron, one of the deities behind Sagittarian. A Centaur, half man and half beast, he was the teacher, philosopher and healer who was responsible for teaching all the Greek heroes the art of battle, heroes like Hercules, Achilles and Jason, of the Argonauts fame. In fact, it is said that Chiron created the constellation of the Archer in order to guide the Argonauts on their journey in search of the Golden Fleece.These are the kinds of tales and adventures that get Sagittarian blood pumping and throughout their lives, Sagittarians are seeking their own epic adventures.

They are larger than life and wonderful to be around.A Sagittarian would do anything for a friend, so big is his or her heart, even if it means personal sacrifice. These are deep thinkers, with a deep sympathy for mankind and a life long quest for enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, education and learning, often at the expense of all else. To a Sagittarian, these things hold even more value than material possessions.Ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, everything about a Sagittarian is larger than life. There are no half measures here, either you do something with all you’ve got, or you don’t do it at all. Their sunny, generous natures make them a very happy go lucky sign and someone others flock to. You’ll very rarely see a lone Sagittarian, with it more likely that you’ll see a flock of hangers on.

Sagittarians have even claimed the No. 1 god, Zeus himself, as their ruling god, or maybe it’s the other way round?Everything about a Sagittarian is inspiring. As a Fire sign, they are hot blooded, but this is more the flame from a spiritual forge that is firing within. Sagittarians burn with such an inner fire, that they find it impossible not to explore, seek answers and hunt down adventures. On a very spiritual level, Sagittarians have an inner fire that is always pushing them to find a higher, or deeper meaning to life.

If you’ve got a Sagittarian in your life, you’ll know how warm and generous they are. They’ll do without in order to help someone in genuine need, or to be there with a friend. Sunny and optimistic, always with an eye on the future, this is one of the most positive signs to be around.They can be a little hot headed from time to time, as all the Fire signs can be, but when they do get worked up, it’s likely to be because of something they believe in deeply, rather than because of petty annoyances.To share your life with a Sagittarian is to be on a life long journey of discovery.

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